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Lars Laj UK

Lars Laj UK

Lars Laj are a provider of play and leisure equipment and has been in the industry for over 40 years.

Jaam Design has been working with Lars Laj in a consultancy and supply capacity both in the UK and in Poland since June 2014.

The services we have provided them with include representing them in meetings with clients, assisting with site surveys providing them with signage and stationary.


Currently Jaam Design provides Lars Laj with all of their UK signage requirements. This started by upgrading their existing play area signage that suffered vandalism on a number of occasions to a more robust composite signage system.


We updated the design of their existing business cards in the UK and through our print services provided them with a large quantity of two designs.


As a way of advertising their products and services Lars Laj wanted Jaam Design to create a design for an A4 Sticker that could be applied to equipment especially where Lars Laj had provided additional services or given additional discount to their clients.  The stickers have to be robust and weather proof while simply portraying their brand, contact details and products they offer.


Jaam Design was asked to update an existing advertisement to include contact details of both UK and Irish outlets.

Site Survey and CAD Plans

Prior to quotation or installation Jaam Design have visited a number of sites to carry out detailed surveys and where required have provided Cad drawings showing location of equipment, calculations for surface requirements, installation information and any other information required.

Technical Support

Jaam Design has worked with a number of Lars Laj Installers and clients, liaising with them when on site to help with any installation or product issues they may encounter.


Jaam Design provide Lars Laj with assistance with the care and maintenance of their products including visiting site to check over installations and where necessary provide advice on problems including suggesting alterations to overcome problems encountered post installation.


Using our in house printing capabilities we have provided Lars Laj with a Print and delivery service to their clients including printing and compiling proposals, drawings and large format presentations.

Client Liaison

Jaam Design act as one of a number of manned distribution points in the UK for spare parts and miscellaneous consumables Storing standard components and providing their clients and installers with a UK based point of contact for spares and consumables.

We also provide one of their larger clients a point of contact for any product related issues they have and provide them with advice, solutions and where necessary spares and repairs.

Suppliers and Installers

Using our wide network of companies and extensive knowledge of the play industry we have been able to provide Lars Laj with the contact details of alternative installers and suppliers which has enabled them to drive up the quality of installations whilst keeping the price the same or lower.